A good politician looks not at the next general election but the next generation. Kenya is sinking in debts that will take the coming generations centuries to pay it off. I believe Africa still needs dictators, positive dictators. The current president has already miscarried Kenya in the name of upholding the constitution.
When the country will fall, the culpability won’t be because of the type of constitution that we have, it won’t be on the judiciary, it won’t be on the legislature it would be on the presidency. Kenya is a country where we have brilliant lawyers ready to battle any decision brought forth. Someone once said that democracy is made up of three elements. One is whether the laws support pluralistic principals. The second is whether people take advantage of these laws. The third element is whether peoples’ wallets are thick enough to benefit from this democracy.
The president should overlook that article (3) 1 infers to him directly. He acts as if that law was enshrined to limit his acts. He has failed even with “his” respect to the law. He has failed to adhere to article 28 (8) on gender. The president should venerate the constitution yes, but he should do what is best for the country currently. The president should deal with corruption and ethnicity irrespective of what the constitution says. It’s now time that judges should respect the presidency and not indulge in justifying the actions taken by him in dealing with matters affecting the nation.
If I was the president today I would not tolerate the registrar of parties lazing in her office. If we want to kill and burry ethnicity in Kenya then the office that is better placed to help in that drive is the office of the registrar of parties. Ethnicity is not bad but being conscience of our difference ethnic belonging is. The people who make us ethnic conscience are politicians. If only we had political parties not based on tribes and religion then we would be better placed as a country. I would have declared Kenya a de jure two party state. It’s asinine to think that “the more the political parties the more the democracy”.
You cannot deal with corruptions with the same old “dogs”. We have the same monkeys but in different forests. The president needs to set the whole forest on fire. When we get new monkeys they are taught the old tricks by these old monkeys. It’s only in Africa where someone is under corruption allegations and he/she expresses interest in going for an elective post. The president should dictate laws that bar such kind of people from running. The truth is if we did an audit today, then we would do away with almost every Member of Parliament and the current governors.
The judiciary does not exist to limit the president’s powers.

Bruno M Otiato




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