Well, you all looked at me and agreed that I was dressed indecently. You even justified your action by saying am walking dressed like that because I really want to be nude and you are just but helping me out. That’s fine…am nude now so what have you really accomplished? Helping me out or just satisfying your hungry hyena eyes which have never seen such scrumptious goodies? That’s right…my cerulean eyes so crystal clear that you can see rivers, oceans, the world through them, my coal black hair radiant and shining whirling its way down my shoulders and my long goddess like neck…damn look at these two soft handfuls…light and creamy compared to the less tan skin of my body. Keep looking my dear friends…isn’t this what you wanted..Nipples nice and centred and the breast just code enough to touch. Should I go on? No I won’t give you the pleasure.
Look at you.. large and fat with a wide pulpy face with and awkward expression..your eyes might pop out staring at what will never be yours and hey …your mouth an insect might lose its way into you. The idle mind being the devils workshop is so true. Instead of concentrating on making money for your beautiful wives at home all you is stare at us. Young girls full of life living our lives. so u just looked at me and u thought am right from a brothel. I am somebody’s child..I have a mother and a father…and most importantly I have a boyfriend and whom I suppose you consider all blind because they did not seem to notice that I was indecently dressed. You don’t know me. I owe you nothing no one here has ever offered to buy the descent clothes and I refused. Do you even have cash to buy ladies like me anything?. In fact you looked at me while I dint even notice your presence in the crowd. You are too ordinary you know. The fact that you whistled at me sheepishly leaning on your worn out motorcycle with the support of your very idle colleagues and I assumed shouldn’t make you this furious to undress me. You are motorcycle driver for pits sake and I am a degree student at the university of Nairobi..feel me?
My point is if you want to be an ambassador of descent dressing then start from your homes. You have wives and daughters. They are your responsibility. Be the man to give the voice on dressing in long skirt and brown leather jackets if that’s your descent version. Walk in a bank if you ever have enough cash to take there. Ladies there dress in short trendy suits and nobody sees the odd. Because everybody is dealing with their shit. Deal with your boredom in any case you chose that life…standing in scorch burning sun waiting for customers looking all old and idiotic. I don’t mean it’s not a nice hustle..only..that’s what u do and am a student at the university…feel me?
What if we ladies decided to start undressing you men. Based on your appearances. Just because you put on trousers doesn’t mean you are not at all indecently dresses. What if we undressed you? How many of you wouldn’t be wearing boxers…isn’t that indecent? how about those unshaven gross looking pubic hairs that probably has pubic louse? isn’t that indecent enough? What about those sweaty unshaven ugly looking armpits that you just open to us when we ride on your motorbikes? Do you guys even take showers because you are always on heavy jackets wearing two pairs of trousers with probably no boxers.? Do you even carry tissue papers? Walking around with dirty assholes undressing me in my short sexy skirt trying to satisfy and justify your indecency?
Hope you enjoyed the show.You can keep the panties by the way.….Bye.

By Marie M

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  1. It’s very unfortunate we forget to undress our problems and are quicker to pinpoint other people’s demerits.

  2. Condemning people is not away of correction,it’s quite unfortunate that the society wants everyone to join their school of thought,if someone is on the wrong then appropriate measures should be employed

  3. waaaah!!! that’s so piercing.

  4. Then why wince when called a bitch! Is that how you dress INFRONT of you ma and pa? Can you go to church in that outfit ‘coz it makes you feel good’? Better still, would you wear that piece in your child’s graduation ceremony? Get you act together!! That’s the par dressing at Koinange Street right now! And it’s specific! You are a BITCH so don’t go all righteous when guys ogle, whistle and go cat calling when you wiggle your ass past them! BITCH!

  5. just blaming the poor motorcycle riders. what of the descent sponsors

  6. I love this piece … You have spoken your mind

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