The current status quo in the health sector is a cause of alarm to many. It is sheer luck that several counties have still upholded the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION goal to ensure equitable and qualitative service delivery to their patients despite the numerous hurdles faced in the Kenyan health sector. Devolution of health services was a mistake and should not have taken place at any slightest opportunity. The strikes observed in recent times in various counties like Nakuru and Migori(just to mention but a few) are all attributed to that one mistake in the devolution plan that has costed us a much greater deal.
Devolution of health services entails money being channeled from the National government to various County kitties for disbursement in form of drug allocation funds and payment to Doctors and other health personnel .The problem now arises when the leaders at the county level are given the mandate to determine the salaries for the doctors and other health personnel .They allocate inadequate cash to them that does not add up to the struggles these personnel underwent while undertaking several years in medical school and the greater risks they have to undergo each and every day in the wards. It becomes even a greater problem when this salaries are delayed for long to as much as 3-4months yet this doctors have families to fend for, food to put on the table, school fees to pay etc.
This brings about development of stress and depression added upon them not forgetting the kind of depression they develop while in the wards with patients. This has prompted many doctors to shift to the private sectors while others have gone to search for greener pastures in other countries where the net pay is higher compared to their mother country. Transition to the private sector has prompted many patients to seek medical services in the private sector as they follow the doctors who served them diligently well though they now have to suffer the burden of paying at a much higher fee than in the private sector. Statistics show that the doctor: patient ratio is not conducive for this country to ensure effective treatment service delivery and for that reason I highly advocate for the law makers in the country to reconsider and save the public health sector by abolishing the health devolution plan and reinstate the former central governance of health.

Majiwa Abungu




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  1. It’s up to electorates to make wise choice in leaders they elect for change

    • Very true though the electrorates are coerced into siding with this political shenanigans who are up to no good through giving them handouts and not giving the right manifestos and work plans,say no to oppression

  2. it was a big mistake to devolve health sector. patients are suffering . ……something should be done

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