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Miss beautiful; Here’s why you should hurry and find a sponsor.

If you asked me today, I would tell you that there is nothing wrong, not at all with this new phenomenon that has taken the girls’ world by storm. The ‘sponsor’ relationship between the younger woman and older man is justifiable. The only problem that exists is that it has been fired up by idle boys in the name of bloggers and self-proclaimed righteous activists.

There is every reason for you, pretty lady in campus to get yourself a ‘sponsor’. Don’t mind the stigma that has been strongly attached to this new lifestyle. Basically, ladies exchange intimacy for favors including financial ones. Fredrick Lewis gave a sermon that basically sums up the whole issue; Wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principle…

Some say that while money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your misery. That they spend money they haven’t earned themselves to buy stuff they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like is of no great deal. When someone mentions the term ‘sugar daddy’ money is likely to be the first thought to pop up, how unfortunate. These not so old men offer much more than that; as a young girl you will have the honor to spend a ruthlessly enjoyable night in those lavish restaurants which you didn’t know before, sip some expensive wines and of course write history as being the very first girl in your larger family to give head to an old man in a lavish restaurant not forgetting the lovely thrills that come with that.

I know, just like me, you are tired of immature and jealous boys who mind every text you smile at on your phone, who care not of your privacy, independence and personal space, boys who only focus on the next lay; you need that “sponsor,” with him it is clear that there are no strings attached and respects you as any mature lady would love to be respected. It is also clear on the terms of operation. At least both of you know that. That means you will have a very clean break up if it ever comes (that should be a reason on its own).

My childhood friend Stella was telling me about how her body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that she is preserving it for her future husband whom she calls “king” – hopefully it’s not these skinny boys I meet bargaining for cheap sex on Latema Street. Powerfully bargaining for the lowest form of sex, street whores! Get a sponsor! Stella, Get a sponsor! What Stella doesn’t appreciate is the fact that sugar daddies will not cause a lot of ‘damage’ their work is simple and less, compared to these “hungry and angry” young boys who turn lovemaking into a physical contest. Leaving you more physically drained and hurt, shouldn’t be the case.

Get it that, Sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships are short term contracts, therefore both parties are aware of when the relationship ends since it’s an honest arrangement. You don’t have to hide anything. In fact both of you know what you signed up for. Most relationships are ruined because men cheat with younger women – No need for you to worry since you will always be the younger one!
Sugar daddies value you. That’s why they never have a problem when you go out with your friends; unlike that early twenties year old boy who you couldn’t date because his mother said you do not have child bearing hips, and when you broke up he called you a perennial ‘abortion mistress’ with an excitedly tortured uterus with no hope.
My dear sister, for unlimited love, peace, care and appreciation for whatever you give, Get yourself a sponsor!
Finally I have also come to realize that with a sponsor, you don’t need a job. Your sugar daddy is your job, he pays you back, without much complaints to feel you’re a burden as these small boys are good at.
Get yourself a REAL MAN.

It’s that simple ?

By Angela Kariuki

*Angela Kariuki * (name changed), is a female student leader at a leading University in Kenya. However, the views expressed are purely her own and are neither shared by the giant student’s union she is part of nor any student, member of staff or their spouses and even bedbugs, if there be any in the institution.




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  1. Hehe nice article but we also need our young ladies to be there for us men from Monday Morning to Friday noon then the weekend we can allow them go to their sponsors

  2. Life is not all about money. Self-worth and respect to self is important. Young campus ladies getting into relationships with the ‘sponsors’ is immoral and pathetic. Be patient with those campus guys who love you truly not for what you have but for who you are. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. Knowledge of self is the beginning of wisdom.

  3. Hahaha. PIRATED PEACE. no mercy. Good Job. Keep writing. #No1Fan.

  4. NO ! This is wrong advice especially to our ladies in campuses . How dare you encourage a young innocent mind fresh from village to believe that there is nothing wring to date and have sex with somebody who is of the similar age of her own father back at home ?? In fact this is criminal !

  5. Wait til we also come to reach our gold,,,, we wil embark on their(sponsor’s) daughters too

  6. yea this not a good thing…how dare u say its someone’s view yet in e context she’s fully encouraged to have a sponsor…id rather b with that broke young campus guy who loves n understands m rather than a sponsor wh will only need sex from u

  7. it gets me thinking…………

  8. its 50-50 if I may say. Both advantageous and got its bitter side. Nice artcle if I may say though

  9. Certainly

  10. Hahaha this made my day.

  11. Hehe nice shot. I think our younger men also need ‘sponsors’ to cater for their laziness and this will discourage ladies from it

  12. Phebian, be serious

  13. I can see in the near future,boys gonna die of dry spell.

  14. This one interests me alot but to that common hustler on the street who sees some damsel worth of substance but has already been ‘Sponsorised’..such a pity

  15. Nice article though its not good for young Ladies to have sponsors

  16. Young Ladies should stick to their broke guys, sponsors only reduce there life span in disguise.

  17. quite captivating…………………………..

  18. Hehehehehehehee