In this world, very innocent he’s brought into,he cries and with alot of hopes,contented to get niceties of the the world,but he doesn’t know what awaits him.

Days turn so fast into years,his parents struggle and look in every nook and cranny to keep him alive; nappies are made manually from the old clothes,he is made to start feeding on maize flour porridge at a tender age,as the mother cannot sustain him using the breast milk fully. Plight of an African poor child.

He attains school going age,his parents buy for him school uniforms,and given one exercise book and a Manila bag,then he is sent to school so as to start the academic journey the way his agemates do,but due to lack of school fees and small cash needed every now and again in school,he is being sent home more than often, while other pupils are busy learning. Plight of a poor African child.

Real hell sets in when he is done with his primary education,and has passed so well and has got the calling letter of the high school of his dream. Without hesitation his parents tell him,“Our child,you are so bright,but look at how we live, a life of hand to mouth,we will not be able to bear the fees of the high school you have been called to join.

Just bear the pain of seeing those who cannot beat you education wise as they go to best high schools.

Now the last option is,let’s sell these two goats, so that we get some money for your uniform and school admission fees,so that you can join this three months’ old high school in the next ridge of our village.”

After these words,he feels like collapsing, his heart sinks in despair and lacks hopes while his eyes get wet with hopelesness. So this goes on for weeks, until reality dawns on him that this is his fate,then he agrees to join the very young hopeless high school.

Struggle goes on for months for him to join high school,and finally he manages to be admitted even though very late after the admission date, with no official school socks and shoes which the father pleads with the principal just to give him admission as all those he will look for in the mean time,as admission time is running out.
Plight of poor African child.

In high school, he really sweats in struggle and gets thin,as the song of enjoying in future if he struggle in the present is all over his brain,and due to him being star in academics, he becomes the sweetheart of his teachers, but still misery and shame is not done with him,as he is sent home countless times to go and collect school fees, then he lacks to come back for months as the fees is not easy to come by. About his school uniform is not easy to describe,as he is over grown and his trouser is ‘can’t reach down’ and its behind has been taken to several tailors for repair,and now has a lot of different patches of different colours. Plight of a poor African child

All these makes him be laughing stock among his colleagues,but he never loses hope under that harsh environment, as he hopes for the best in the hopeless future.

Plight of a poor African child.

Habil Ogaja.( Gimalich )




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  1. A true touching story. After enduring much pain in the end they survive by the mercies of the Most High.

  2. It’s a true touching story… The plight of the poor African is ever at stake.It’s a good article

  3. we shall overcome

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