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Manchester united heavily invested in the e squad and management before the start of the season. This was meant to end the series of disappointing seasons in the last three years since the retirement the great sir Alex Ferguson.
Fans all over the world could not wait longer enough for the start of the season. They hoped for the longed for joyous era of Sir Alex once again. The team confirmed their belief and made a strong statement at the start of the season to convectively win their first three league games.
The opponents were quite worried on how to handle the united attacking trio of Rooney, Ibrahimovi and Pogba commonly known as ‘RIP’. They indeed played like a team having the most expensive player in the world. Under the management of one the most decorated coaches of all time in the game who has friends and enemies in equal measures, Jose Mourinho.
Surprisingly, united fans are the most frustrated among the soccer lovers as their team struggle for form in the recent past. Three consecutive losses seems too unbearable. The pressure has mounted on the special one and his charges, they have all over sudden lived short of the expectations of everyone. The hope of winning the PL trophy is under a big threat, almost diminishing.
But what is really wrong with the once glorious Manchester united? The troubles that started since Sir Alex retired seem not to be ending soon. Moyes, the chosen one took over and there was a little to talk about as he succeeded in breaking clubs record series of poor run of performances. Van Gaal would later succeeded Moyes barely after ten months to manage the team for two seasons. His philosophy for the club and the team was too difficult to be understood by anyone. It failed to deliver and Mourinho took over. The disease seems to be continuing.
Under his watch, the self-proclaimed special one, the players will be put to a lot of scrutiny because it can’t be that three managers are the problem. Something urgent should be done to bring the smiles back to united supporters.

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  1. Will United really shine again?
    Time will tell hopefully….

  2. Hehehe…. They will shine again

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