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A popular commentator describes betting companies as heartless and persistent robbers of the very poor of our population using lies and hopes that never come to be. I agree no less.
Whether you agree with my position or not, betting is now a menace, a curse, a catastrophe worth declaring a national disaster.
An enterprise that flourishes on constant brainwashing and non-stop peddling of lies and enticement in the name of advertising ought to be stopped and done away with without any hesitation.
Just how many marriages and relationships must be broken before this vice is done away with? Someone stakes half his wedding money hoping to win millions for a dream wedding, ends up losing and the wedding gets cancelled. Another, hoping to change his condom brand from Trust black and white to Roughrider colored, bets with all his money, loses and is forced with unprotected coitus; stares at the laughing consequences of that.
How much longer must this evil trade be allowed to thrive at the expense of an otherwise brilliant population now enslaved at its mercy in the name of waiting for their lucky day that never comes to be? Yet they continue to invest their meagre income in this insatiable ocean of vanity?
The country’s innovative and entrepreneurship level dwindles to a near zero, setting people to a slow and sure path to poverty, all thanks to betting. A previously expanse of innovative youth no longer think straight, no longer dare to risk in any worthwhile investment. All they risk and live for is betting; some while naked and sheepishly crossing their fingers hoping for the proverbial beautiful lady luck to smile at them. How unfortunate!
Rebranded cult like activities are now finding their way into our normal lives, all thanks to betting companies. So much lives are lost and no one seems to bother. Someone diverts his wife’s birthday present money to betting, loses and the wife beats him up with a lot of focus halfway to death. In response, he finishes what his wife started and commits suicide. A lady loses all her make up money to the already rich betting companies and fearing facing people while resembling a crossbreed of a monkey and a stray dog, disappears or commits suicide. No wonder the reduction of light skins in our streets today.
The people behind this practice have effectively proved that education can also be rendered senile.
Just to wonder, how can a married man, a master’s graduate with an international degree, in his right mind, be deceived like an adolescent left handed boy?
The guy in question stakes ksh.500 daily for 14 consecutive days and loses unopposed. On the 15th day, he wins ksh.876 and he is all cheers, all smiles and jumps around swearing allegiance to betting and thanking whatever demons brought betting into being.
Utter stupidity! God help this generation.
The government should move with speed and set up a tribunal to investigate, scrutinize and make public the hidden witchcraft, satanic spells and tricks used by the betting companies. Not to forget, the kind of paraphernalia found in their offices should also be exposed and publicly destroyed and as expected, make Kenya a betting free country.

The writer holds nothing personal against betting companies and the beneficiaries of this robbery and has no preferred condom brand with this regard and neither does he advocate for the use of any. The writer will not accept liability or blame by the beneficiaries, employees and mistresses of betting company bosses in the event their benefits are reduced or withdrawn citing poor business.




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  1. The script is on point. Betting has taken all over our society in the negative way

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